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Discover even more possibilities.

As a car owner you will benefit more by using the smart (no pen and paper) car wash app solution offered by AUTOCLICK. It saves you time, it gives you peace of mind by dealing with reputable car wash businesses around you. You can also get free car wash for being a loyal customer from our participating partners. Get progress notifications when your car is being washed on the app or track progress online.

What are the benefits of joining the smart revolution of AUTOCLICK family?

  1. You can search for any car wash near you and be able to navigate to it.
  2. Able to know how many cars are currently in the queue.
  3. Average time you will spend at that car wash.
  4. Know their prices list beforehand.
  5. Know every stage of your car during its cleaning time from booked, in-wash-bay, drying and ready for collection.
  6. No pen and paper everything gets scanned from your car’s licence disk (SA Cars Only) on the windscreen or manual entry and never again for the second time
  7. Enjoy free car wash as a loyal customer after a specific number of car washes from participating partners
  8. Read reviews of the car wash and know their star rating.
  9. Know their opening and closing times.
  10. Get car wash deals from participating partners.
  11. Have your car wash history in your pocket.